We had our first visit to the Artists & Fleas artist, designer, and vintage market over the weekend in Williamsburg. I was initially lured by the promise of vegan food options. Upon entering I was immediately drawn to the shimmering BOBO Jewelry stall. Cooper was laughing at me as I salivated over all the bracelets, necklaces and rings adorned with genuine gem stones. While chatting with the owner I found out that BOBO was started in Southern California and that they have an online store.

I am skeptical about buying gem stone jewelry online. Holding a stone in your hand and feeling it’s textures is a meaningful part of the process when choosing the right gem for you. After spending a good amount of time examining all of the stunning jewelry I began to narrow down my favorites. There was an abundant amount of agate and amethyst. I found a delicate amethyst bracelet with a magnetic clasp and had to have it, it was so easy to put on.

Amethyst stones are described as being meditative and calming. They are believed to promote balance and peace. I use them as an emotional healing stone and believe that it will help bring a sense of stability or inner strength when I am wearing it. I love the rich and diverse color of amethyst stones, and think this sweet little bracelet will be a perfect everyday statement piece for me.

The quality and craftsmanship of BOBO Jewelry is outstanding. I was impressed to see a wide range of more rough/organic and fully finished design styles. Now that I feel confident in their artistry I will for sure be visiting the website for more one of a kind jewelry pieces.