Chowing on Chinese food at the Museum of Food and Drink

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.

We’d be lying if we said American Chinese Food was on our top five list of ethnic cuisines. (It would be Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Korean, Italian, then Chinese) Cooper’s palate for “Chinese food” changed sometime after he traveled to southern China.  He found that traditional Chinese food was less sugared and salted but had much more fat.  It was refreshing to discover the differences in taste, this was not what he grew up eating in America. Family style sharing and giant lazy susans were also novel as many of the Chinese restaurants he grew up on served buffet style fried food.

What was so impressive about the CHOW exhibit in the Museum of Food and Drink‘s pop-up space was the way that the Chinese restaurant in America was contextualized as an important expression of the immigrant experience. It powerfully demonstrated how a rich immigrant culture combined exclusionary tactics of the dominant society can create a thriving sub-culture.

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A Cherry Tree Blossoms in Brooklyn | Sakura Matsuri 2017

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.

We are so fortunate to live very close to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and one of the benefits of being Pratt Institute Alum is that we get free admission for life!  Every spring we attend the Sakura Matsuri which is a Brooklyn-Japanese festival that began in 1982 celebrating the full bloom of the cherry tree blossoms.

The weather, the trees and the people were all celebrating the beauty of spring.

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Shopping Vegan in Bushwick | #VeganShopUp

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.

It’s 21 degrees outside and after bundling up Cooper and I brave the still undiscovered back streets of Bushwick. What are we in search of you might ask? Pizza, burgers, donuts and yes grilled cheese sandwiches made expertly with Vegan cheese!  Welcome to the vegan shopping extravaganza at the Vegan Shop Up.

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Self-care Sunday | Natural Beauty Mask & Bath

Lavender, Lemon, Bathsalts

Taking time for yourself is so hard. One of my resolutions this year is to practice more self-care and focus on my mental health and well-being. Prepping for the week ahead isn’t just checking schedules, or cooking pre-made lunches. It’s strengthening your mind for all of the challenges and distractions that will be pushing and pulling you during the week.

This Sunday transform your my bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Light a candle, que up your favorite tranquil playlist, and relax your mind. In an effort to make this tub session more luxurious, I have made my own natural bath salt and mask recipe using two of my favorite fragrances, lemon and lavender.

Winter in New York makes my combination dry/oily skin go crazy. My face and body become excessively dry, and if I apply too much daily moisturizer I find that I have acne flare ups. Lemon and lavender are natural ingredients that I like to use to soothe and treat my skin.

Below you will find all the ingredients needed for this Self Care Sunday sesh.

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Picking New Eye Glasses is Hard, Please Help!

It’s that time, again, when I realize I’ve beaten up my eye glasses and start thinking about getting a new pair. The real impetus for change last time was Juliette. She really wanted me to replace my safety eye glasses since she didn’t care for the way that they covered my eyes.  Her qualm was understandable since I use my eyes to emote and otherwise non-verbally communicate.5 Pairs of eye glasses

The last time I was in this predicament I spent 2 hours in a Warby Parker store obsessively trying on hundreds.  I shared the top 4 picks to my social network with great success. Folks love when you ask their opinion, especially when given a finite set of choices.  So I’m looking for feedback again.  Interested?

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Eating La Vida Vegana | Vegan Menu at Citrico

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.This week, February 20th – 26th there is a special vegan menu created in partnership with Riverdel Cheese shop hosted at Citrico. They took classic Mexican recipes and used vegan cheese from the Riverdel Cheese shop.  I am fortunate to be able to take advantage of the robust amount of vegan food options that Brooklyn has to offer. In particular I always have my eye out for vegan cheese because of my allergy to Casein.

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Artists & Fleas | BOBO Jewelry

We had our first visit to the Artists & Fleas artist, designer, and vintage market over the weekend in Williamsburg. I was initially lured by the promise of vegan food options. Upon entering I was immediately drawn to the shimmering BOBO Jewelry stall. Cooper was laughing at me as I salivated over all the bracelets, necklaces and rings adorned with genuine gem stones. While chatting with the owner I found out that BOBO was started in Southern California and that they have an online store.

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Greetings and Salutations

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.We have been married for 8 years and have been living happily in Brooklyn, NY. By day we are both employed as photo and video professionals and it’s no surprise that outside of work we are just as passionately documenting our relationship and personal projects. Between the two of us we have collaborated and produced documentaries, art installations, and commercials that can be found sprinkled across the web. Our work has sent us all around the U.S. as well as to Europe, Asia and Africa. 2017 is the year we are finally establishing a centralized place that will bring together all of the rich visual stories we create. It’s our hope that this project, No Stranger to Us will be a chronicle of our quirky everyday life and the convivial travels and adventures that we take together. We are also hoping to find like-minded collaborators to partner with on future projects.

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Reykjavik, Iceland Trip Part 2

Check out the Iceland video we made! | Read about Days 1-3

Day 4 – Riding a Dragon

Icelanding Horse against the landscape
Dreki the Icelandic horse in full Zen mode.

On our fourth day in Iceland we visited the Laxnes Horse Farm just outside of Reykjavik for a two-hour horse riding adventure. Laxnes Farm is own and operated by the Jónasson family and they are dedicated to maintaining a good quality of life for these horses.

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