Denver, Colorado – Mile High City Highlights

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.

Sunshine, clear skies and the constant feeling of being short of breath; ah, Colorado in the spring. While visiting and catching up with our friends in Denver Colorado we drove down open roads framed with breathtaking mountain views. Our four day trip in Colorado was cram-jammed with activity. Here is a re-cap of some of our favorite things.

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Reykjavik, Iceland Trip Part 2

Check out the Iceland video we made! | Read about Days 1-3

Day 4 – Riding a Dragon

Icelanding Horse against the landscape
Dreki the Icelandic horse in full Zen mode.

On our fourth day in Iceland we visited the Laxnes Horse Farm just outside of Reykjavik for a two-hour horse riding adventure. Laxnes Farm is own and operated by the Jónasson family and they are dedicated to maintaining a good quality of life for these horses.

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Our Awesome Reykjavik, Iceland Trip – Part 1

Iceland - Hvalsneskirkja ChurchIn celebration of our eighth wedding anniversary we traveled to Iceland for six days in August 2016 and because we had a limited amount of time I conducted a large amount of research on the area prior to choosing our daily activities. To say that Iceland is otherworldly is an understatement. Iceland has a unique and dramatic landscape that features hot springs, geysers, volcanoes and most noteworthy, waterfalls!

Each day was an epic adventure, and I’m so happy to have spent so much time exploring and experiencing new things with Cooper.

Jump to the Iceland video we made! | Read about Days 4-7
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