We are so fortunate to live very close to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and one of the benefits of being Pratt Institute Alum is that we get free admission for life!  Every spring we attend the Sakura Matsuri which is a Brooklyn-Japanese festival that began in 1982 celebrating the full bloom of the cherry tree blossoms.

The weather, the trees and the people were all celebrating the beauty of spring.

Mono No Aware

The Sakura trees are said to embody in the Buddhist concept of mono no aware, which is the awe found in impermanence, since they bloom at once and for only about a week.

What is exceptionally fun about the festival is that it also celebrates the panoply of Japanese culture, past and present, including drumming, dancing, gaming, martial arts, manga and Anime Cosplay.

The festival is great fun for kids of all ages!

Of course it was rife with photo-tunities!