A Cherry Tree Blossoms in Brooklyn | Sakura Matsuri 2017

Photo taken by Cooper and Juliette.

We are so fortunate to live very close to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and one of the benefits of being Pratt Institute Alum is that we get free admission for life!  Every spring we attend the Sakura Matsuri which is a Brooklyn-Japanese festival that began in 1982 celebrating the full bloom of the cherry tree blossoms.

The weather, the trees and the people were all celebrating the beauty of spring.

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Picking New Eye Glasses is Hard, Please Help!

It’s that time, again, when I realize I’ve beaten up my eye glasses and start thinking about getting a new pair. The real impetus for change last time was Juliette. She really wanted me to replace my safety eye glasses since she didn’t care for the way that they covered my eyes.  Her qualm was understandable since I use my eyes to emote and otherwise non-verbally communicate.5 Pairs of eye glasses

The last time I was in this predicament I spent 2 hours in a Warby Parker store obsessively trying on hundreds.  I shared the top 4 picks to my social network with great success. Folks love when you ask their opinion, especially when given a finite set of choices.  So I’m looking for feedback again.  Interested?

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